Karo Martirosyan

Karo Studios

"Art has the capacity to break the rigidity of daily life."

The most important influence for Karo Martirosyan is the majestic power of nature, which helps him build the structure and use balance and color while imagining the story he wants to tell. His background in architecture also serves as a major influence, as it allows him to approach every design with a structured mind.

To Martirosyan, the traditional grid represents the rigid structure of life. He breaks the grid into an abstract form to create flexibility: some pieces are centered on the purity of the naked grid, while others are supported by the invisible grid in the background. He hopes to intrigue the viewer as the grid elicits a feeling of orderliness and the seemingly floating glass induces a sense of lightness.

At a young age, Martirosyan's creative nature and ability were nurtured by many years of private art lessons, during which he experimented with different media. After high school, he attended the reputable architecture program of Cal Poly Pomona, where he further fell in love with both the simplicity and complexity of art and design.