Junko Nakazawa

"I create beautiful, sophisticated, and wearable jewelry with contemporary attitude."

Junko Nakazawa is inspired by modern, simple shapes and lines as well as geometric beauty found in nature. Her Japanese metal craft background is apparent in the sensitivity and refinement shown by her work.

Nakazawa meticulously creates each tiny part by hand using 18K gold and other precious metals. She lathe turns her jewelry parts instead of cast them to achieve a sharp, clean finish. Matte surface treatment gives each piece an elegant sheen.

Remember The Time
Gold, Pearl, & Stone Necklace

$ 1,260
Pyrope Garnet & Diamond Fluid Necklace
Gold & Stone Necklace

$ 2,800 - $ 2,900
ive Diamond Fluid Necklace
Gold & Stone Necklace

$ 3,800 - $ 3,900
Fluid Necklace with Diamond Drop
Gold & Stone Necklace

$ 1,700 - $ 1,760
Arc Neckpiece
Gold & Stone Pendant

$ 900