Josephine A. Geiger

"Inspiration comes from so many sources, so I simply start, interacting with the materials and the image as if in a live conversation. New ideas emerge as I work, and those provide the boldness and the spirit that I want. "

Josephine A. Geiger's artwork emphasizes the underlying architecture of the scene--the lines, details, and movement--through a palette comprised almost wholly of rectangles and squares. And while it might seem that there is a calculated, mathematical approach to creation, she uses no patterns for her artwork.

Geiger creates her work using leaded stained glass techniques. Although her pieces may be hung on a wall like traditional art, she recommends hanging them in front of a window for maximum enjoyment.

With a professional background in architecture, Geiger combines those years of training and design sensibility alongside loads of experience and experimentation with glass.

Island Reflections
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 1,250
Touch of Blue by Josephine A. Geiger (Art Glass Wall Sculpture)
Touch of Blue
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Cathedral of the Moon by Josephine A. Geiger (Art Glass Wall Sculpture)
Cathedral of the Moon
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Media Awards, St. Paul, MN, Saint Paul Art Crawl, 2008-2016
Fine Arts Exhibit, St. Paul, MN, Minnesota State Fair, 2011
"Minnesota Original" episodes 220 & 229, MN, Twin Cities Public Television, 2009
Art-a-Whirl Poster, MN, North East Minneapolis Arts Association, 2009
Creative Activities First Place, St. Paul, MN, Minnesota State Fair, 2008
Stained Glass Association of America - 2nd place "Copper Willow", MO, Kansas City, 2014
Healing Arts Collection, Hudson Hospital, Hudson, WI, 2010-2011
Art Collection, Regina Medical Assisted Living Facility, Hastings, MN, 2009, 2011
City of Middleton Arts Council, Municipal Court & Police Station, Middleton, WI, 2010
Concordia College Language Program, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN, 2010