Jerry Davis

Jerry Davis Craftsman

"I strive to create original, unique lighting designs that are often very sculptural. I work in a modern, industrial style utilizing a wide variety of materials, including metals, hardwoods, glass, and screen. My fabrication techniques yield finely detailed works of art."

Jerry Davis has been an artist all his life. From his first street fairs in the 1970s to now, there has been no other way he wants to live. He is always looking for new ways to express his sense of form and balance. Inspiration comes from his daily experiences. Creating with a boundless imagination helps keep Davis's work fresh and unique. Anything is possible.

Davis works with a wide variety of materials and techniques. Metals are the main element of almost every piece. They can be finely finished or distressed to look more industrial. Machine and tool marks are often a purposeful element of his techniques. Almost every part of the fixture is handcrafted or modified to fit his vision for the piece.

In college, Davis's metal-arts instructor suggested he leave school and become a working artist. He did. Next came the street fairs. A brief time working as a bodyman with his father added more metal skills to his resume. Since then, it has been a self-taught experience. Davis is constantly experimenting with new materials and techniques to further the range of projects emerging from his shop.