Jeffrey P'an

"My main concern in my work is to fully realize the transparent aspect of the glass. Each piece is one of a kind, but the thread that runs through the entire body of work is the combination of color, pattern and texture as one looks through each piece. In this way, each piece becomes an interactive part of its environment, dependent upon light and perception."

P'an's approach is less about creating with glass than it is about creating with contrast, harmony, and beauty. This approach is inspired by jazz music, and emphasizes the way the transparency of glass encourages the interplay of color and pattern. Above all, P'an believes that art is a form of communicating concepts and emotions that words simply cannot.

P'an's work reinvents old-world techniques in the design of modern objects. He creates distinctive color patterns by fusing hand-cut pieces of glass into a flat sheet, attaching the sheet to the blowpipe, and then using traditional glassblowing techniques to transform it into its final shape. Once the piece is cooled, he engraves the glass using traditional crystal-cutting techniques.

P'an has a background in industrial design and has studied in Venice, a city with a long history of glass design and production. He founded his studio 17 years ago after a year-long glassblowing apprenticeship, and has been continuously refining his artistic vision ever since.

Static Bowl
Art Glass Bowl

$ 2,200
$ 1,870
Incalmo Bowl
Art Glass Bowl

$ 500
$ 425
Origami Bubblecut
Art Glass Vase

$ 1,600
$ 1,360
Art Glass Vase

$ 1,800
$ 1,530
Herringbone with Reticello
Art Glass Vessel

$ 5,000
$ 4,250