Jeffrey Brown

"My art is everything I am not, it's quiet, minimalist and even elegant ."

Jeffrey Brown is a self taught artist and metal smith, and has been working with fire and metal for over 35 years. Originally a studio jeweler producing one of a kind pieces inspired by nature and artisans encountered in his many world travels. Over time his work has evolved to carry the shapes, surfaces and sense of nature into functional sculpture.

The pieces are fabricated beginning with large sheets of bronze, steel or copper. Shapes are cut from the sheets, formed, welded, polished, and, finally, finished with a variety of patinization techniques. Because each piece is created from scratch without molds or patterns, no two pieces are ever exactly alike. The shift from jewelry to working on a larger scale with heavier metals and industrial tools created a challenge of keeping the pieces both intimate and elegant.

Jeffrey Brown is almost entirely self taught after an initial introduction to welding in 1966. Over the years guidance and support from the facilities and artists at Pratt Fine Arts in Seattle, WA have refined his technique.

Mesh Table
Metal Coffee Table

$ 1,850
Metal Console Table

$ 2,100
Mixed Metal Coffee Table
Metal Coffee Table

$ 2,900
Curved Space
Metal Console Table

$ 2,200
Bowed Table
Metal Console Table

$ 3,700
Metal Vases

$ 800
Red Guy
Metal Vessel

$ 1,400
Metal Sculpture

$ 3,600
Over and Out
Metal Sculpture

$ 3,900
Put Upon
Metal Sculpture

$ 3,900