Jason Probstein

Jason Probstein

"Every piece I create has a little bit of my dancing in it. I listen to Led Zeppelin a lot, but I am a sucker for 80s hair metal—Yes, Bon Jovi, Poison, Def Leppard, and, of course, Motley Crew. My neighbors love hearing me sing in my studio while I am making this work."

Jason Probstein was inspired to make his signature shapes while reading a Dr. Seuss book to his friend's kids. He realized, why not make art that is swirly and bendy and fun? After experimenting with this shape at Mallory Square in Key West (he demonstrated on the pier, next to a sword swallower and a guy who rode a unicycle on a tight rope while juggling fire) he found that this shape met with the crowd's approval. When he makes this shape, he has to dance with the glass to make it bend while it is very hot.

Jason Probstein's ornaments are made out of Pyrex. The Pyrex glass is strong and light, so the ornaments can be displayed on the end of a branch where they can be seen without bending the branch down.

Having studied scientific Venetian glassblowing techniques, Jason has a spirited, passionate commitment to original works of art. The thinner the glass, the more skill the artist has, according to Jason. He lives and works in Asheville, NC.