David Jacobson

Jacobson Glass Studio

"I am so lucky to be working with glass in all its forms. I love the movement involved, the team work, the heat, the fire, the whole process of making, and, of course, the beautiful end result."

David Jacobson has been honing his craft for over 26 years. His style of glassblowing employs elegant shapes, rich colors, and intriguing textures. His current work reflects the influence of nature, and also the rugged, gorgeous world of Maine. His stacked rocks of glass and his gestural birds are the result of this influence. More exploration continues daily.

First, the rocks are made. David blows his forms freehand, looking for the essence of what a rock looks like to him. Many rocks are made before the right one is selected. Next, employing complementary colors, David forms the birds out of solid, hot glass. He sculpts his birds in an abstract manner, looking for the gesture of the bird. After cooling, the objects are chemically adhered.

David Jacobson has learned from many glass artists over the years, including Lino Tagliapietra, Davide Salvadore, and Prague-based Martin Rosol. Through these experiences, David developed the skills and techniques he shows today. David lives in Maine, where the natural beauty is a constant inspiration for new creations.