Evy Rogers

Jacob Rogers Art

"We are collaborating artists from separate studios. We combine our experience and talent to create art clocks, tables, and functional art accessories that mix beautifully figured woods with paintings etched in metal. "

The name "Jacob Rogers Art" comes from combining the last names of two artists: Joe Jacob and Evy Rogers. These artists work together to integrate fine art with function. They offer rare and unique luxury items made from acid-etched aluminum and wood. They combine their metal art with wood from reclaimed trees that they collect, cut, and dry to create functional art furniture and accessories.

Rogers and Jacob have studios in Pennsylvania where fine art meets fine craftsmanship. Rogers designs and hand paints the aluminum pieces in her studio. Jacob has a metal and wood workshop/studio where he acid-etches the art into the metal. He incorporates the acid-etched metal art with wood to create the rare and original Jacob Rogers Art.

Evy Rogers began her career after graduating with a masters degree in art education from Pennsylvania State University. Joe Jacob graduated from the North Bennett School of Boston where he studied antique reproductions and was conferred the degree of Master of Antique Reproductions. Joe and Evy met at a gallery showing of Joe's art furniture and a creative union was struck.

Fun Time Centerpiece Clock
Wood Clock

$ 3,400
$ 2,380
J.R. Folly
Wood & Metal Clock

$ 3,100
Geared Up Centerpiece Clock
Wood & Metal Clock

$ 3,450
Magic Moments
Wood & Metal Clock

$ 1,990
Timeless Centerpiece Clock
Wood & Metal Clock

$ 4,125
Metal Clock

$ 149
Cherry Triangles
Wood & Metal Console Table

$ 4,500
Captain's Table
Metal Console Table

$ 3,100
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Central Pennsylvania Festival of Art, Penn State University, University Park, PA, USA, 2009
Columbus Arts Festival, Columbus, Columbus, Ohio, USA, 2009
Boardwalk Art Show, Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, 2010
Boston Mills Artfest, Boston Mills, Brandywine, Ohio, USA, 2010
ACC Craft Show, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 2007