Isaac Arms

" Working primarily in steel and wood, I fabricate each piece individually, taking great pride in my workmanship and care for details."

Combining these two natural materials in his pieces, Isaac relies on the steel to dictate the shape of the object, and the wood to create a warm and tactile interface between the object and user. The result of his laborious craft is an exceptionally designed, finely crafted, sophisticated and functional object that is steeped in human creativity.

Founded in 2005, Isaac Arms Studio Furniture evolved from the love of design, craft and the creation of beautiful objects. Situated in Bozeman, Montana, Isaac runs a limited production, design-build studio crafting functional sculpture for both residential and commercial environments.


Block Coffee Table
Coffee Table

$ 1,900
Little Rocker
Metal Chair

$ 3,275
Two Seater
Steel & Wood Bench

$ 3,500
Slump with Slab
Steel & Wood Bench

$ 3,300
Little Bench
Steel & Wood Bench

$ 2,100
Long Bench
Steel & Wood Bench

$ 2,700
Steel Chair
Steel Chair

$ 4,100