Giselle Shepatin

"I find myself focusing on the beauty we share, the love we desire to give and receive, the nurturing of what we find important, and the desire to dress for and delight in the whimsey in the world. This is the inspiration behind all my designs. I design for the delight of it and for my love of all of our senses. I am inspired by the fabrics I search for and find, and make patterns according to the drape of the fabric. The process feeds me. Thank you for the opportunity to design for you. It is a great joy I have in this life!"

Giselle Shepatin, Inc. was formed in 2000. Her designs have been work on the red carpet at the Oscars and on the Mark Twain Awards. Her scarves have been featured in Cirque de Soleil performances for several years. She has participated in New York Fashion Week for over 30 years.


She has a Masters degree and went to school for pattern making. Additionally, she mentors many student interns from Canada College and loves to discuss designs and business plans with new designers.

Breezy Vest
Velvet Vest

$ 598 - $ 618
Paonne Dress
Mesh Dress

$ 598 - $ 618
Breezy Jacket
Velvet Jacket

$ 658 - $ 678