Giselle Kolb

"Natural beauty exists to be contemplated and admired."

Giselle Kolb is a contemporary jewelry designer working in Baltimore, MD. She is a seasoned jeweler with over 20 years of experience both behind the retail counter and at the workbench.

Kolb received her jeweler's certificate from the Maryland Institute's Jewelry Program after obtaining a BFA in her home country of Peru.

Kolb's Peruvian roots have been a huge influence in her work. Unique memories of colonial Peru can be seen in much of her work. She used flowers as symbols of appreciation and as offerings or tributes. They are precisely arranged to become the contents of what she likes to call "shrines." The necessity for the use of color directs her and allows to explore new materials that take her work in new directions.

Long Rainbow Drop Earrings
Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 120
Two-Tone Long Bar Earring
Gold, Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 480
Leaves Necklace
Gold, Silver & Stone Necklace

$ 460
Stacking Leaves Rings
Gold & Silver Rings

$ 750
Wreath Ring
Silver Ring

$ 130
Gold and Silver Hoops with Diamond
Gold, Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 1,100
Flower Petal Necklace
Silver Necklace

$ 160 - $ 190
Small Multi-Color Hoops
Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 130
Diamond Dangle Hoops
Gold, Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 490
Diamond Bar Necklace
Gold, Silver & Stone Necklace

$ 400
Flower Rings
Silver& Resin Rings

$ 160
Black Box Square Ring
Silver & Pearl Ring

$ 165
Black Box Round Necklace
Silver & Pearl Necklace

$ 160
Gold Flower Ring
Gold, Silver & Pearl Ring

$ 430
Black Box Square Necklace
Silver & Pearl Necklace

$ 160
Black Box Square Earrings
Silver & Pearl Earrings

$ 140
Flower Ring with two Diamonds
Gold, Silver, & Pearl Ring

$ 520
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore. MD, 2019