Genevieve Williamson

"I think of jewelry as personal, wearable art, and I like the resulting relationship. The wearer and I become collaborators."

For as long as she can remember, Genevieve Williamson has been drawn to asymmetry, pattern, color, repetition, contrast, and the relationship of visual elements. Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere, and her design process is rarely a straight line from concept to completion.

Though she uses a variety of traditional metal techniques, Williamson lets sterling silver play a supporting role to polymer clay, her current material of choice. Infinitely adaptable, polymer is a chameleon material that can be molded, cut, colored, and carved. In every way, it allows for the quick development of visual ideas.

Williamson began her college education studying graphic design at Kutztown University. She changed her major to a craft/metal concentration halfway through and began working with polymer clay in 2007. Working out of her home studio in Pennsylvania, she also teaches art to disabled adults in the USA and abroad.