Genevieve Geer

"My work and my curiosity are life-long partners in crime. We careen around our world, with magnifying glasses and notebooks, looking for materials, information, inspiration, and new food for thought. This month it might be Russian propaganda art and vintage kimono design, and next month that could evolve into a walk through Grimm's forests and a series of Cold War spy novels. Little seeds from all the interesting bits of life fall into the work and spring up in the most delightful ways. Feeding this garden of ideas is a full-time job, but I am happy to do it."

Genevieve Geer's work is a way to channel experiences and observations into tangible objects, where they can be thought about at a distance. Once trapped, feelings and atmospheres are defined and explained by a piece, becoming a totem or icon. This process of translation creates a sense of peace similar to meditation. Geer has worked in many mediums—film, painting, wood, and metal—but she has found glass is the only one that is flexible, versatile, and challenging enough to really allow a full vocabulary within one material.

Genevieve works in many different aspects of glass, from blown to cast, with an emphasis on stained glass, combining old time techniques with modern tech. For the ornament line, Genevieve starts with an illustration on black scratchboard, using an exacto blade, to achieve beautiful black, scratchy lines that are reminiscent of wood block prints. From there, colors are added, and the illustration is enameled onto white milk glass. The final phase is a kiln fire, solder, and finish.

Genevieve Geer was born and bred in Massachusetts and slowly zig-zagged her way down the east coast, living in New York City for 10 years, then settling in Philadelphia in 2010. During her southern journey, she attended Parsons School of Design in New York City and the Museum School in Boston. She majored in illustration, film, and animation. Within a week of her arrival in Philadelphia, she began to train as a glass blower, apprenticing for different glass artists and studios in the area. In 2013 she started Le Puppet Regime, a glass company specializing in articulated, illustrated stained glass. She currently participates in shows up and down the east coast, as well as gallery shows throughout the country. She is owner of Juggernaut Studios in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Bird Lady Puppet Sculpture
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 300
The Juggler
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 350
La Luna
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 300
My Heart is a Hive
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 500
Palm Reader's Map
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 400
Baba Yaga Puppet Sculpture
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 450
Gnome Boy
Art Glass Ornament

$ 40