Frost Glass

"As two artists working as one, we strive to make glasswork that is accessible and appealing to a wide range of people, while still staying true to our creative vision. In our time working with glass, we have become very aware that our creations are shaped by our collective personal and professional experiences. "

Frost Glass focuses on clean lines, shapes, and a contemporary aesthetic. The artists use techniques that are centuries old and apply them in new ways to create work that is visually striking and engaging. The art itself is special, as is the relationship that each piece has with the artist, the owner, and its physical location.

Each piece starts with a gather of molten glass which is then decorated using traditional techniques such as filigree cane work, overlays of color and precious metal leaf applications. The glass is then blown using heat, gravity, and the same glass tools that have been used for centuries.

Carrie Battista holds a BFA in glass from the Cleveland Institute of Art and Patrick Frost holds a BS from Illinois State University with a concentration in glass. After finishing school, Carrie and Patrick spent several years traveling and working with master glassmakers from the United States, the Czech Republic, and Murano, Italy.

Tall Mussola Vase
Art Glass Vase

$ 150
Squirrel's Best Friend
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 54 - $ 270
Gray Matter
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 150
Glass Onion
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 140
Wisdom Tooth
Art Glass Paperweight

$ 140
Frost Chantilly Lace
Art Glass Bottle

$ 329
Frost Tone Glasses
Art Glass Tumblers

$ 45
Mezza Filigrana Wine Set
Art Glass Decanter and Glasses

$ 230 - $ 440