Fernando Garcia

"With my works I want to bring love and peace to every home, that's why my style is landscape abstract, my artwork represents calm, peace, relaxation, meditation, I want that when you get home and look at your wall, you enjoy a work of art unique representing light and hope."

Fernando Garcia uses his art as a means of communication between lovers of painting and art. He is inspired by the force of the universe in all its expression; that is why in each of his paintings, there is light representing hope and strength through art.

Garcia's work is a unique mixed media created by the artist, using oil, resin, acrylic, and impasto texture on canvas to create a three-dimensional atmosphere of serenity. The relief of the same paintings makes them attractive to the human eye.

Garcia was trained at the San Alejandro Cuba Academy of Arts. He obtained a degree in painting and drawing, and he also trained as a professional photographer. This led him to discover a unique technique to create abstract landscapes in painting on canvas, making exhibitions in several cities in Cuba.

Silent Night
Mixed-Media Painting

$ 3,000
West Coast
Acrylic Painting

$ 3,000
Serene Sunset
Acrylic & Oil Painting

$ 1,960
Solitary Sun
Acrylic & Oil Painting

$ 1,960
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
1990 Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture. Group Show, Habana Cuba, Habana , Cuba, 1990