Peter Dublanica

Dublanica Studio

"It's all about what I see in nature, then integrating, modifying, and arranging it to blend nature and a contemporary aesthetic together in a reality that belongs inside the home - truly indoor/outdoor furniture."

From the very beginning, Peter Dublanica's work has been inspired and defined by botanical and Asian themes along with forms and colors from the natural world. The silent joy of developing a new piece from what he's seen or found in nature and the subsequent process of bringing it indoors is why he does what he does. He describes this collaboration with nature as "natural contemporary."

Peter Dublanica begins his process by working solo on the hunt for natural variations in materials. He then enhances the natural forms by carving, polishing, texturing, and rubbing each piece with his hands. Stone and wood are connected with hand-forged stainless steel pegs. The wood bases use sliding dovetail joinery for unsurpassed strength and durability.

Peter Dublanica earned his B.F.A. in Interior Design from Syracuse University's School of Art and Design, where he also studied sculpture and metalsmithing. He later eased out of the design and architecture fields and into the "self-taught furnituremaking school" of his basement using his grandfather's hand tools. The artist now resides in Ithaca, NY, where he has an endless array of natural beauty before him.