Derek Secor Davis

"I create pieces that are in an unlikely state of balance."

Derek Secor Davis creates sculptural pieces of furniture that play with the ideas of balance, weathering, and transformation. Inspired by the presence of change in the natural world, Davis constructs furniture using organic forms that appear as if they have been precariously stacked. By contrasting weathered textures with polished finishes, Davis suggests that everything is in a state of metamorphosis.

Maintaining a rigorous commitment to craftsmanship, Davis uses shape, texture, line and color to create furniture pieces that are eloquent and compelling works of art.


Bridge Table
Wood Console Table

$ 4,000
V Demilune Table
Wood Pedestal Table

$ 3,250
Elemental Balance
Wood Console Table

$ 3,400
Teardrop Hall Table
Wood Console Table

$ 4,075
Elemental Hall Table
Wood Console Table

$ 4,275