Peter F. Dellert

Dellert Furniture

"I have been a self-employed furniture and cabinetmaker since 1983."

Peter F. Dellert's clocks represent hours passing with no real concern for which hours or how many. How often does one wish for hours or days on end to read a book or visit with a friend or work on a project or just to be 'off the clock?' Dellert considers his clocks to be assistants to that end.

His mirrors reflect themselves and ourselves. People are not so simple as to be succinctly categorized, yet all have given in to such name-calling. The angles of the mirrors represent the many possibilities of paths that can be followed. Their colors speak to the individualist in everyone. No two are alike.


Pearl Dot Mirror
Wood Mirror

$ 415 - $ 475
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Mohwawk Hudson Regional, Albany Institute of HIstory and Art, Albany, NY, USA, until January 2015
Mohawk Hudson Regional, The Hyde Collection Museum, Glens Falls, NY, USA, Fall 2019
Burlington MA Sculpture Park Inaugural Exhibition, Burlington, MA Sculpture Park, Burlington, MA, USA, 2020 - 2022