Dave Lasker

"To create is to explore the imagination, to honor tradition, to discover beauty and harmony, and to look beyond the known. I believe the creative process creates the creator. What inspired an artist during the early stages of development evolves, changes, adapts, and matures over time. Just as the seed grows, so does the planter."

Words may attempt to describe the work, and thoughts may give rise to reasons, but the artist knows that his or her true creative expression comes from the soul. Either the work speaks to the viewer or it doesn't.

As Lasker ventures down the creative path of discovery, he often looks to nature for guidance. He believes we are a part of our environment—not apart from it. As the seasons change, Lasker is reminded of the cycle of our lives. Everything comes full-circle, and everything has its opposite.

At an early age, Lasker was greatly influenced by his two grandfathers: one a carpenter, the other a machinist. He began working construction jobs during the summer months in high school, and further honed his skills by earning a BA in the furniture program at Buffalo State University. After receiving his MFA in furniture from Rhode Island School of Design, he began to make and sell custom wood furniture and sculpture. His work has appeared in numerous shows and galleries across the country.

Red Bubbles
Wood Sculpture

$ 8,000
Round Side Table
Wood Side Table

$ 1,175
Wood Sculpture

$ 9,850
Five Years Insane
Wood Sculpture

$ 6,630
Chaos Tower
Wood Sculpture

$ 12,293
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore. MD, 2019