Daniel Slack

"Still obsessed with clay and glazes after thirty years, I think I've chosen a path with a heart. "

The realm of ceramic art is vast. Daniel Slack, a longtime traveler there, began his journey in the arena of functional wares, progressed onward to vessel art, and has now found his way into ceramic figure sculpture.

Inspired and delighted by his muse, a border collie heeler named June, Slack is currently making work all about dogs. Effortlessly and without a shred of guile, June provides a stream of fresh material.

Every dog sculpture is one of a kind. They are hand built from earthenware and terra-cotta clays and then fired in a kiln. After that comes glazing, part two of the process, which is equally challenging because it can make or break a piece. Vases, cups, and bowls continue to be part of Slack's repertoire, like songs on a previous record. But the dogs, led by June, are out in front.

June 13
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 1,950
June 11
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 2,150
June 10
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 1,950
June 9
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 1,950
June 5
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 1,950
Wrapt Candlestick
Ceramic Candleholder

$ 39 - $ 58
Bottles in Blue
Ceramic Bottles

$ 395
Triangle Mask
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 400
$ 340
Wrapt Vase
Ceramic Vase

$ 50
Spiral Bowl
Ceramic Bowl

$ 85
Angel's Vase
Ceramic Vase

$ 175
Green Perfume Bottle
Ceramic Perfume Bottle

$ 120
Ceramic Vase

$ 325