Damian Velasquez

"As a designer/craftsman, I enjoy manipulating common materials and coaxing out of each a subtlety of form. I derive my sense of design from shapes and objects that intrigue me, such as old Vespa scooters, vintage lunch boxes, and vintage tools."

Damian Velasquez designs and builds striking modern furniture that will inspire for generations to come. With great attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, Velasquez has a keen ability to design livable, modern furniture that stands out from the crowd. His line of sculptural outdoor furniture, Half 13, is the latest collection to join a portfolio of exciting designs.

Velasquez uses combinations of geometric forms--arcs, angles, cubes, circles, and ovals--as launching points for his furniture designs. With steel as his structure, he cuts, bends, rolls, and welds to create the framework for his shapes. Each piece is crafted by hand at his furniture studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Velasquez found it challenging and intriguing to work with a material intended for bland industrial applications. The artist soon mastered the ability to make this ordinary material come alive in a world well beyond its pedigree.