Michael Curran Hall

Curran Glassworks + Design

"My work relies on age-old glass craftsmanship with a focus on line and form to achieve unique, illuminated pieces."

Glassmaker Michael Curran Hall uses ordinary tools to make extraordinary pieces. Torches, kilns, furnaces, and molds reside in his Salem, Massachusetts, studio overlooking the site of the Salem Witch Trials. Each of his pieces is handmade with honed craftsmanship and illuminated with today's LED technology.

Michael Curran Hall creates each illuminated art piece using glass that has been formed with a torch, heated in a kiln, and manipulated by hand, or else slumped with the help of gravity and physics in his one-of-a-kind rotisserie kiln, Spinning Jenny. The glass he uses depends on the process: some processes require borosilicate glass, while others require the attributes of soda lime glass.

Michael Curran Hall started his glass career as an apprentice at Simon Pearce. From there, he moved on to small studios in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before returning to the East Coast and starting his own studio, Hall was the lead glassblower and studio manager for Nikolas Studios in San Francisco. And as a glass designer for Lightband Studio, he created large-scale installations that can be found throughout the USA and Asia.

Lift, City Center, White Plains, New York, 2016
Haven, Exelon Headquarters, Baltimore,MD , 2016
Grove, The Woods , Hong Kong, 2015