Conni Mainne

"I feel strongly about the positive role artists play in society. I believe in the importance of bringing beauty into the world."

Conni Mainne finds her inspiration in nature, especially in the verdant environment of the West Coast that she calls home. Her keen sense of grace and line are reflected in lyrical forms in gold, with an eye for the principles of sacred geometry. Conni currently works out of her studio in Mendocino, California.

Moonstones are an integral aspect of Conni's work, favored by the artist for their powerful color and sense of mystery. The artist also utilizes other striking stones such as aquamarine, tourmaline, sapphire, pearl and diamond. All of these stones are adorned with Conni's distinguished metalwork, which includes organic botanical and nautilus designs in 18k gold. Her leaf and nautical patterns are beautifully intertwined with small colored gemstones. creating beautiful forms and contours and reflecting the artist's love of nature.

Conni's experience as a jewelry designer and goldsmith goes back three decades. The artist began her training in jewelry fabrication at the mere age of fifteen. Her education includes courses taught by notable artist, Glenn Miller at College of Marin, California, and classes at the Revere Goldsmithing Academy in San Francisco, California. There is no substitute, however, for sitting at the bench, day after day, honing one's skills. Conni's primary training has been self-taught.

Squares and Bars Stacking Ring with Stones
Platinum, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 495 - $ 1,760
Pavers and Lines Ring in Gold
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 1,210 - $ 1,760
Moonlight Dreams Band
Silver & Stone Ring

$ 815
Blue Moonstone and Diamond Earrings
Gold, Stone and Diamond Earrings

$ 1,850
Gold and Diamond Hoop Earrings
Gold and Diamond Earrings

$ 1,300
Pearl Hoop Earring
Gold and Pearl Earrings

$ 880
18kt Ring with Diamonds
Gold and Diamond Ring

$ 3,520
Rose Gold Pearl Hoop Earrings
Gold and Pearl Earrings

$ 880
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Park Ave. Craft Show, New York, NY, Park Ave. Armory, 1993-2007
ACC Craft Show, Baltimore, Md., Baltimore Convention Center, 1991-2020
Contemporary Craft Market, Santa Monica, Ca., Santa Monica Convention Center, 1993-2000
ACC Craft Show, St. Paul, MN, Convention Center, 1993-2020
ACC Craft Show, Atlanta, GA., Georgia Dome, 1993-1996
ACC Craft Show, San Francisco, Ca., Ft. Mason, 1993-2019
ACC Craft Show, Springfield, Ma, Springfield, 1991-1995