Chris Wheeler

"My imagery comes from a longstanding commitment to modernist conventions. The simplified imagery is an attempt to tap into the memories and ideas we all share. I've found that my minimalist designs appeal to people on a very basic level. These designs may look childlike, but are never childish—it's this simple sophistication which is easily understood by everyone. "

Chris Wheeler's art is a record of events that take place in his studio. He captures moments when they show themselves. He sets himself to work on an idea, and almost immediately, tension develops between creativity and restraint. He's found that the most satisfying work is the work in which this tension becomes almost too difficult to resolve. The result is modern collage that is elegant, balanced, and provocative, and gives a nod to mid-century aesthetics.

Wheeler textures medium-body acrylics on handmade paper for his collages. The paper is mounted and stretched on drying boards for a month before being used. The wheat paste is strained so that the finished artwork is free of lumps and the effect is smooth and refined. This process of mounting paper is typically reserved for scrolls and screens and is done by only a small group of people.

Wheeler studied Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy in Tainan, Taiwan. While there, he learned how to mount works on paper for scrolls and shoji screens. With this skill, he was able to stretch and manipulate paper in ways very few people can, and he began creating his own art using these techniques.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Group Show, Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado, 2015
Group Show, Houston City Hall, Houston, Texas, 2013
3rd Place Carnegie Creative Center Group Exhibit, Carnegie Creative Center, Fort Collins, Colorado, 2019
Smithsonian Craft Show, National Building Museum, Washington DC, 2013
Corporate Collection, Phillips Seabrook Associates, Santa Rosa, California, 2017