Chris Malcomson

"I paint because I love the process of painting—the playing with ideas, the thinking how to communicate emotion, and the trying to use paint to record internal states. "

Chris Malcomson loves color and the way many thin coats of paint can transform the work. He often starts from a fixed form, whether it be abstract or a landscape, and then tries to express emotion. His work is about recording internal landscapes in the most minimal way possible. He paints because creativity brings life and energy.

Initially, Malcomson worked with watercolors. His training introduced him to oil and acrylic, and to working on both canvas and paper, so all of these techniques are available to him. There are different ways of preparing to paint and trying to be centered enough to leave one's ego aside. Malcomson makes his canvases and spends considerable time choosing colors and materials.

After working with architects as a consulting engineer for many years on the construction of large projects, Malcomson decided to change careers and went to Chelsea Art School London in 1993. He has been painting ever since. His work required getting to the essence of problems, and he has carried his love of the minimal into his paintings, trying to communicate the emotion that he feels.

Mountain Road
Watercolor Painting

$ 970
Sea Study XI
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,400
Sea Study II
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,400
Mountain Mist
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,400
Sea Study XV
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,400
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Diana Felber Gallery, West Stockbridge 2018 , MA, West Stockbridge, 2018
Pennsylvania College of Technology, Pennsylvania, Williamsport, 2011
University of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, 2011
Southern Vermont Arts Centre, Vermont, Manchester , 2011
Artist Project , New York, Pier 92, 2011
English Department, University of Delaware, Newark, 2014
Development Office, University of Delaware, Newark, 2013
University of Oxford, Oxford, England, 2004
Marks and Spencer, London, England, 2002