Ann Chikahisa

Chikahisa Studio

"My designs are a reflection of the modern woman. Bold yet understated, intricate and simple, feminine and forceful - but always beautiful. Each piece is a modern classic. "

Ann Chikahisa's work is inspired by the natural world, and her designs celebrate the beauty and grace of natural imperfection. In her work, the compelling voice of each stone and the unique quality of each metal are integral to the final piece. The result is a modern, sophisticated sensibility with organic shapes and beautiful natural themes.

Chikahisa Studios handcrafted designs fuse effortless styling with a uniquely organic sensibility. Each piece combines an artful command of metal smithing with lost wax casting to form distinctively organic shapes in luxurious waves of silver or gold.

Ann Chikahisa's training has included local and national classes and workshops in metalsmithing.