Cathy Shepherd

Cathy M Shepherd

"Glass is fragile, much like life itself. Both require patience, time, and energy. My art is an expression of those disciplines, along with the natural beauty and grace of glass—which magically fit together."

Cathy Shepherd has an organic and spontaneous style primarily inspired by elements and movement found all around us. Each piece is a unique glass collage of dynamic colors and shapes dancing together in balance.

Sketches are loosely drawn. Ideas are quickly noted on the drawing. Each piece evolves and changes, just like each moment of the day. There's no perfect plan. Intense combinations of iridescent and dichroic mosaics and frit are placed on the piece. When balanced together, the art has a rhythmic energy, which zooms in on the experience or subject.

About 38 years ago, Cathy recognized her creative passions. She designed clothes, won awards at state fairs, and won Best Overall Designer at North Texas State University. Fifteen years as a designer coupled with a fitness career and several detours led to this present moment. She continues to cultivate her artwork by exploring and experimenting with glass techniques and the fusion of other media.

Midnight Rendezvous
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 1,700
Gululu 3
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 960
Gululu 2
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 960
Voices from Angels
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 2,900
Blue Maya
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 4,800
Cobalt Splash
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 2,800
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Convergence, Keller, tx., Keller, tx., 2013
Outside the Lines, Luminarte, Dallas, tx., 2013