Caleb Nichols

"One of my many favorite things to do is take a small boat out on a calm, foggy day, without a compass. The sea is like glass, and I am totally surrounded by the gray light of fog. It is actually quite peaceful; a bit like being lost inside a big minimalist painting. Of course, the only way out is to keep going until you hit something. "

In his work, Caleb Nichols strives to transport the viewer to a different place of their choosing by juxtaposing different elements found in nature, such as water, fire, stone, and ice.

To create his work, Nichols uses a combination of blowing and fusing. He blows vessel forms, hits them with a hammer, and then fuses the choice pieces together into a different form. He finds this process to be very therapeutic.

Caleb Nichols started glassblowing at Tulane University and has been an independent glass artist for almost thirty years. Hence, trial and error have been his best mentors.