Craig Demmon

Beetle Builds

"Beetle Builds is a line of art-inspired, contemporary home furnishings made from beetle-kill pine timber from the Colorado Rockies."

Beetle Builds grew out of Craig Demmon's work as an architect and artist, his passion for design, and his desire to create something positive out of Colorado's devastating pine beetle infestation. He designs pieces with clean, sculptural lines that highlight the distinctive blue color and beautiful grain patterns of this abundant wood.

Each piece is handcrafted of wood harvested from standing dead timber that has been killed by mountain pine beetles. Though devastating for forests, the beetle does not affect the structural integrity of the wood itself. The lumber in Demmon's pieces is handpicked at mountain sawmills for the unique color and character that can't be found in other pine wood.

All pieces are created from large-dimension lumber using simple, traditional joinery methods. Rather than cutting the lumber to eliminate cracks and waste wood, Demmon fills in cracks with colored wood epoxies and stabilizes them with bow ties and biscuits—features that become striking artistic elements.

Taught to build craft as a necessity at a young age, Craig Demmon has further taught himself the important processes of patience and detail that combine to yield beautiful pieces. After a formal education in architecture and sculpture, his journey led him to Colorado, where he has had the opportunity to bring art and function together to create his unique work.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Presence/Absence, Lakewood Cultural Center, Lakewood, CO USA, 2017
Chaircuterie, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO USA, 2016
University of Colorado At Boulder, Village Commons, Boulder, CO USA, 2017