Art of Fire

"Glass is a medium that demands full attention from its artists, invigorates them with its heat and light, and rewards them with delicate beauty, texture and color."

Art of Fire Contemporary Glass Studio is owned and operated by Foster Holcombe and Theda Hansen, with resident artists Todd Hansen and Josh Ries adding to the creative mix. What began as a small hotshop and gallery has grown into a world-class studio and showroom in a re-purposed dairy barn amid the rolling landscape of Maryland. The artists ply skills they have honed over the years, drawing inspiration from the energy and heat of the incandescent, molten glass.

The artists work together to design glass that draws on each of their interests and strengths, creating work steeped in tradition with a contemporary twist. The cane ornament design is drawn from centuries-old Venetian glass techniques, taking solid rods of colored glass and coaxing them into delicate, shimmering threaded cane. The cane is then gently heated and fused, rolled onto a steel blowpipe and skillfully handcrafted into beautiful, heirloom ornaments.

Foster, Theda, Todd and Josh have established a working environment and language which allows for the exchange of ideas that is unique among glassblowing studios. Applying techniques learned from various sources, the artists at Art of Fire have created a unique catalog of work. They continue to broaden their experience by teaching students at their own studio, augmenting other glass programs such as the Corning Museum of Glass, and facilitating young artists through a thriving intern program.

Art Glass Ornament

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Art Glass Ornament

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Holly Wreath
Art Glass Ornament

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