Anne B Schwartz

"The enemy of good is better."

Anne B. Schwartz is a dedicated abstractionist whose painterly imagination remains grounded in the world of places and things. Approaching art history with a flair for abstract expressivity, Schwartz wields a palette knife and brushes to animate prismatic color stories in thickly applied paint. Her largest body of work, "Ricordi d'Italia," merges her explorations of color, light, and surface.

Schwartz creates work in several different series, all of which show her love of rich color and texture. She begins her paintings by applying a texture medium so the paint has something to hold on to. Then the fun begins! Her pieces have many layers of paint, which add more texture and richness to her canvas. Layers of color continue until the piece is complete.

Anne B. Schwartz has been an artist all her life. While studying graphic design at the University of Oregon and jewelry design at the Gemological Institute of America, Schwartz always maintained a painting practice, which she kept up during her twenty-five-year career as a couture jewelry designer. Eventually, she rededicated herself to her painting studio, and today, her canvases have been shown in numerous group shows and are represented in collections around the world.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Bunker Hill , West Hollywood Cultural Center, West Hollywood, Ca, 2018
Symbolic Gestures, Castelli Art Projects, Los Angeles, 2019
In Gold We Trust, Ashton Gallery Art on 3rd, San Diego, Ca, 2019
Art Show International, 4th flower exhibition, finalist, Roses in Spring, On line, International, 2022
Art Show International, Honorable Mention, In the Blue Grotto, On line, International, 2022
LAAA Gallery 825, Mannerist Group Show, Sunrise in Siena, West Hollywood, Ca, 2022
LAAA Gallery 825, Group Show, Small Time, Crossing the Arno River, West Hollywood, Ca, 2022
H Gallery, Transmission of Unknown Origin, Ventura, Ca, 2022
Brushstrokes , San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, 2019