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Ann Harwell

"My father and grandfather were both Methodist ministers. Growing up in the North Carolina mountains, I sat through hundreds of sermons and looked at the world outside through a lot of stained glass. The messages in those sermons sometimes altered my thinking in the opposite direction. So here I am, making art that resembles the fractals of stained glass."

"Ann's incredible attention to detail is readily apparent. These quilts are very nearly three-dimensional, a cornucopia of dazzling images that fairly jumps off the cloth. They emote the power and savor of Cubist paintings."
Marsha Barber, Asheville Mountain Express

Each piece of cotton fabric is selected, individually precision cut, and sewn with a 1945 Singer sewing machine. Her quilts are constructed like fine garments, with great attention to detail—seams are strong and straight, corners are sharp, and points are precise. A surface design is added with a straight-stitch sewing machine. The quilts are hung by an aluminum bar inserted in a sleeve on the back.

Ann is a self-taught artist. Her formal education was in early-childhood education and she spent 10 years teaching preschool. She made a baby quilt for her first son in 1977 and has been making quilts ever since. In 1999, her work was juried into Artspace in Raleigh, NC, and she became a full-time professional artist in a studio open to the public.

Peony Scarlett O'Hara
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 2,140
$ 1,712
Catalpa Tree Flower
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 2,250
$ 1,800
Peppermint Camelia
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 1,830
$ 1,464
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 3,750
$ 3,000
Terminal Shell Game
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 5,320
$ 4,256
Star Birth
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 3,660
$ 2,928
Ant Nebula
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 5,160
$ 4,128
V838 Monocerotis
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 5,300
$ 4,240
A Beautiful Death
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 4,970
$ 3,976
Star Forming Region
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 5,840
$ 4,672
Elephant's Trunk Nebula
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 5,850
$ 4,680
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 4,450
$ 3,560
M100, a Subtle Sermon
Fiber Wall Hanging

$ 6,790
$ 5,432
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
NICHE Award Recepient, Pennsylvania Convention Cntr, Philadelphia, PA, 2011, 2003
Gold Award Recepient, Quilt Nihon, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan, 2003
North Carolina Visual Art Fellowship Recepient, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, 2000
International Quilter's Assoc, George Brown Convention Cnter, Houston, TX, 2019, 2018
ArtFields Competition, Lake CIty, Lake City, SC, 2019, 2020
SAS Institute, SAS Campus, Cary, NC, 2016
Duke University, School of Nursing, Durham, NC, 2017
Credit Suisse , Credit Suisse Campus, Research Triangle Park, NC, 2009
City of Raleigh, Municipal Building, Raleigh, NC, 2003
Duke University, Duke Raleigh Hospital, Raleigh, NC , 2011