Andrew Stenerson

Andy Stenerson

"I've been fascinated with pattern and color since I was a kid. My parents' house had wallpaper in every room, and the patterns mesmerized me. The seams also fascinated me. Blowing glass can be as visceral and physical as swimming in the ocean. To blow glass into shape while controlling the expansion of the pattern is a wonderful, dynamic interplay. "

Love of color and simple geometry are the basis for Stenerson's glass vessels. To look through a blown piece and see floating boxes of soft, three-dimensional color is an unusual visual experience. A tablet of hard edged murrini is transformed into a dense color pattern on the blowpipe. Clear molten glass is layered over, allowing the pattern to expand as the vessel grows.

Glass cane is pulled in a hexagonal mold to create the geometric patterns that are the basis of Stenerson's visual repertoire. In his blown work, the colors abut each other and melt together. The colors melt at different temperatures, creating edges that sweep and blend into the final piece. His fused glass has a cleaner, harder line that translates into a tighter, thinner color edge throughout.

Stenerson graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1988 with a degree in glass. Immediately following school, he worked at John Lewis' casting studio in Oakland, CA. His love for blown glass impelled him to become a student of both Lino Tagliapietra and Pino Signoretto. He has owned and operated his own studio in the New York area for more than twenty years.

Blue Green Eyes
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 1,100
Glass Dartboard
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 1,800
Blizzard White
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 1,800
Green Expanse
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 2,400
Amethyst Splash
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 2,800
Black Galaxy Disk
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 1,950
Gray Horizon
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 1,900
Rainbow Vase
Art Glass Vase

$ 500