Amerinda Alpern

Amerinda Alpern Designs

"I make jewelry for creative women to enhance their self-expression. I love the tactile feeling of a well-balanced hammer and the rhythm it makes as I form each piece. I love creating in all forms and have been influenced by working in many mediums. "

Amerinda Alpern's muse is the intersection of the beauty in nature, geometric patterns, and memories of places visited, both seen and felt. She is a gatherer of relics, both organic and inert, whether a pebble formed by ocean waves or a flower found while exploring places outside her studio. Back in the studio, these inspirations are translated into very lightweight, wearable earrings and pendants.

After the initial sketch or drawing, each new design is hand cut using a fine blade on a jeweler's saw. Acid etching is also used when the design is ready for production. Alpern uses a selection of hammers to shape each piece in both wooden and metal forms. She rubs pieces over a coarse texturing tool to create a rich, brushed finish.

Amerinda Alpern received her BFA in metalsmithing from California College of the Arts. After receiving her MFA in sculpture, Alpern returned to jewelry making with an eye to her sculptural background. Her awareness of jewelry as an extension of the body is informed by her love of modern dance. Travel to other cultures has also played a role in her expression of form and texture.

Single Bloom Earrings
Silver, Pearl & Stone Earrings

$ 150
Double Cloud Ring
Gold & Silver Ring

$ 350
Solar Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 179
Sandy-Sun Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 179
Lotus Lines Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 395
Blooming Lotus Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 424
Lotus Lines Necklace
Gold & Silver Necklace

$ 795
Modern Cloud Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 600
Fuchsia Earrings
Silver & Bronze Earrings

$ 280
Ovals & Squares Necklace
Gold & Silver Necklace

$ 3,000
Tango Earrings
Silver Earrings

$ 230
Whim Earrings

$ 299