Allan Baillie

"Often we can recognize the sacred world in a new way when something has been observed with the heart and revealed openly in a photograph."

Allan Baillie is interested in discovering compelling aspects of the natural world—forms that he can feel some kind of connection with. He explores blooming flowers and plants to reveal uncharted territory, enlarging them so that they become something unique and mysterious.

Baillie uses a large-format camera and Polaroid film to capture his wistful, finely detailed images. Adding toner during the printing process creates a warmth that pervades the seemingly still subject matter, making it come alive with light, shadow and depth.

Baillie received an MFA in painting from Maryland Institute College of Art, where he studied with Grace Harttigan. He also studied at the Accademia Di Bella Arti in Rome, Italy, and took a master class with Diane Arbus.

Sunflower Back
Black & White Photograph

$ 750