Alison Sigethy

Alison L. Sigethy

"I enjoy the challenge of taking a cold, hard sterile material and giving it new life as an organic form. People often comment that my work looks like it's living, growing or in motion, and nothing could please me more."

Looking at one of Alison Sigethy's pieces, it's easy to imagine yourself in clear blue water teeming with life. That's no accident: Sigethy strives to create art that looks as though it could have lived or grown somewhere. She uses reclaimed structural glass, a common building material that is not recycled but buried in landfills. Reusing these materials to create environmentally friendly artwork is part of her mission.

Using the pate de verre technique with metallic highlights, Sigethy free-form shapes each piece in a fiber blanket to create its organic shape. Because she makes each piece individually, every one is unique. Sigethy loves playing with different color combinations, creating pieces that make a lovely statement on their own or look fantastic in clusters.

With degrees in art history and interior design, Sigethy was a commercial artist and art director before taking up glass full time in 2003. From 2003 to 2006 she was a studio artist with the Washington Glass School and has been a Torpedo Factory Artist since 2007. She has exhibited at the Smithsonian Craft Show and created numerous green art shows, including America Recycles for the US Department of State.

Sea Jewels
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 250