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"It doesn't take long to notice that our chairs are different, especially when you sit in them. That's because the seat and back consist of many individual wood blocks that are threaded together through the frame, by a single cable encased in a synthetic jacket that protects the wood and the cable. This cable has an 1,800-lb. breaking strength and minimizes the concern of stretch and wear over time. This technique also adds to the structural integrity of the chair—pulling the frame together every time you sit in it. We guarantee the cable against breakage for the life of the chair."

In 2002 Alan Daigre began learning the craft of chair making in an old abandoned corn crib, upgraded to two adjoining horse stalls a couple of years later before building a small shop on a farm in middle Tennessee. It was here that Alan began making traditional Shaker-style ladder-back and "mule ear" chairs, primarily with traditional hand tools. As his work evolved, Alan set out to design and produce a chair that was different. He drew on the skills he had been honing, his experience building and facilitating ropes courses, and his exposure to antique furniture in the antebellum town of Natchez, Mississippi, where he grew up.

All of Alan Daigre Design's chairs start with solid air-dried hardwood frames—usually walnut, cherry, or maple. Despite being more expensive and harder to source, they find that air-dried material is superior to kiln-dried lumber for the frames in many ways. The color is much richer. And it is much more stable as it has been allowed to dry naturally over time, instead of artificially in a kiln. In most cases, they buy hand-selected logs from local loggers, have it sawn at a local sawmill, and then put it up to dry for a minimum of 18 months, usually longer. This is not the cheapest or easiest way to do things, but it's worth it when building something that will last for generations.

Each chair has a hand-rubbed finish. It is a painstaking and fussy process, and the finish work is unparalleled. Put your hands on any part of a Alan Daigre Design chair and you'll see. Multiple coats of a tung-oil based penetrating oil, careful sanding between each layer, followed by several coats of a wipe-on poly add a very durable and protective surface. The final touch is a natural beeswax formula, buffed to perfection. It is an easy finish to repair and maintain. Each chair purchase includes a five-year supply of wax (with instructions) that you will want to apply to your chair every year or so.

Cabled Rocker
Wood Rocking Chair

$ 4,800
Side Chair
Wood Chair

$ 2,700